Form of payment:

 1. Cash on delivery payment from the Courier.


2. Bank tranfser on the Seller account..

Shipping is promtly after posting money on the account.

1. Strefa Tenisa Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership
al.Bohaterów Września 12
02-389 Warsaw

2. Credit Agricole (in EURO)
PL 78 1940 1076 3156 1675 0000 0000

3. add: Order number

4. Bank number

Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA
pl. Orląt Lwowskich 1
53-605 Wrocław, Polska

5. kod SWIFT (tzw. BIC) Banku Credit Agricole: AGRIPLPR

3. Payment through PayU

The fastest and the best way to purchase the products. Payment is bin process immediately; and customer service informs the customer about the confirmation of product purchse.

4. Foreign shipment can be done through Dotpay system

Dotapay is one of the payment methods in our shop. You can pay by credit card or make e-transfer through Dotpay.

Credit card:

Payments by credit cards is a very popular and easy way of payment. You might pay by Polish card or foreing one. Additional securities assure that all such transactions are safe.

You can pay by such credit cards in Dotpay:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club International
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • Visa Electron


This service is about full integration between the purchase in the internet shop with the bank account. During the finalisation of the purchase all the transfer details are filled in automatically. Thanks to that the Buyer does not have to type neither the sum of money, nor the order numer, also the bank account, the shop name, or the other data necessary to make payment.  

5. Payment on delivery in the shop.

We accept payments by cards or in cash.

Address of the shop:

„Strefa Tenisa”
al. Bohaterów Września 12
02-389 Warsaw, Poland.

„Strefa Tenisa”
ul. Puławska 531
02-844 Warszawa

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